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The book that makes YOU the Citrix Hero by using the easiest to implement ideas with the best results – proven by over a decade of consulting experience by DJ Eshelman.

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Giving Back

We wanted to let you know that DJ has decided that 30% of the proceeds of this book will be donated to charity. To find out about the causes currently being supported, click the boxes below this one.

Nashville Tornado Relief

DJ lives in the Nashville area, so he knows first hand the devistation and loss that the area is experiencing after a Tornado strike. For the first few months, a majority share will be sent to trusted organizations in the area to feed, shelter and rebuild.

EUC Community Convention Scholorships

Conventions are expensive for those that attend on their own or attend extra events their company is not covering. This fund is to help those individuals attend these events that hugely benefit networking and career development. Of particular interest this year is the EUC Masters Retreat and One Day events, as well as E2EVC. Contact us for more information or if you'd like to participate.

Veteran Suicide Prevention

The week before publishing this book, DJ witnessed a horrible situation where a US military veteran was trying to attempt suicide and was stopped by police.

Those that serve often come back with scars that none of us can understand fully. This fund will go toward programs to assist in real help for these brave individuals and their families to live full and rich lives. No one left behind!

Coming soon – Be A Citrix Hero Print Version!

Print Version Release - Targeted for April 12th, 2020