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DJ Eshelman is a Citrix Technology Advocate and Certified Citrix Expert who has worked with Citrix Consulting and other Platinum Citrix partners.

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The Top 3 Three Things

I find wrong in nearly every assessment I perform.

  • Default Settings that are hurting your reputation and causing you to have sleepless nights

  • External Access settings that drive your security team crazy

  • Structuring your Virtual Machines so that your company will save money hand over fist

  • 25 Pages
  • Over 9000 words
  • More than 20 additional recommendations to complement the Top 3

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DJ Eshelman


"I founded CTXPro.com to provide the kind of resources I needed but didn't have when I started out with Citrix. Technology exists now that didn't in 2004 that I utilize to help you be successful."

DJ is an active Consulting Architect and has been contracted by companies such as Citrix Consulting Services to provide expertise and services since 2011.

He also provides coaching for aspiring Citrix professionals in addition to maintaining the ctxpro.com blog

DJ has led two Citrix User Group Communities in Denver and Nashville.

DJ was appointed by Citrix in 2017 as a Citrix Technology Advocate (CTA)

He holds certifications such as CCE-V (Citrix Expert).

Eshelman Enterprises | 188 Front Street Suite 116-91, Franklin, TN, USA