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My name is DJ Eshelman, founder of

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I have been in the technology world for a long time, but I didn't start out there right out of college. My career wouldn't be anything like it is right now if not for the internet, and I feel like it's time for me to give some back!


For the last year or so I have been asking myself two very important questions:

  1. Why is it with all the information out there, I still find IT Professionals struggling to understand how to effectively design, install and maintain Citrix products like XenApp and XenDesktop?
  2. Does the world really need yet another Citrix-themed website?

The answer, to my amazement has been:

  1. There is so much sales information and bad advice out there that it overshadows the rest.
  2. People keep telling me that yes, they do…

So- here we go!

I run a very small company (being the king of originality, it's called Eshelman Enterprises) with consulting from what I call (BOT stands for Belt of Truth). I have been working pretty much exclusively with Citrix technologies since 2004 – going so far as to be a Resident Consultant with Citrix Consulting Services for several years between 2010 and 2015 – in fact you'll still see me out there representing Citrix as an Ad-Hoc resource from time to time.

One of the things I have done the most of for Citrix is to conduct assessments- and there is one thing that I see coming up on nearly every assessment:

Engineering Staff would benefit from further Citrix Education.

The Gaps

The problem is that there seems to be a gap between Education and Experience – and a further gap between Knowledge and Methodology.

So, I'm launching this site along with several others to come to help address these gaps- each with their own focus area – Administration, Engineering, Architecting and eventually an online Academy (a very exciting but daunting task!).

A Focus on Engineers (Citrix Professionals)

On this site we'll focus on things Engineers care about – creative solutions, the latest tech and innovative approaches to development.

What we aren't going to spend much time on is things that I feel are pretty well covered elsewhere- Sales Engineering techniques, Proof of Concepts and guides for Deployment. I think there is a lot of that out there, so I may link it from time to time (or in some cases try to correct bad information).

We will talk about ways to advance your career and make life easier for your team. We'll talk about the day to day struggles of the modern systems engineer and talk real strategies for thriving!

We'll talk consulting and if it's the right move for you….

But we'll also have some premium content and coaching available for paid subscribers as well!

I'm excited to get this going, and hope that among all the other things I'm focused on at the moment that I can add value here.

My mission in life is to Leave it Better than I Found It. And this is just one of many ways I'm working towards just that!

I encourage you to get registered for this site- subscribe and comment – let me know how I can help you!

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