I have learned a few things over the course of the last 20 years. These are things I've been teaching to other consultants, teams and coaching clients for years, so I've decided it was time to put them into a book!

The book focuses on what we call a Methodology: a repeatable process for working that is predictable enough for others to recognize and learn. Rather than a complex process that requires a certifiation to even understand, I have found that successful organizations use a methodology that can be understood by everyone from sales, services, support and up to the C-Suite.

In other words- if you're looking for another book on Agile or other DevOps methods… while some of those can be implemented inside of this – I have found that these methods tend to isolate IT and isn't always effective. Why? Because if your entire team isn't on-board, it tends to fall apart. So what happens when someone new comes in? Or a key person leaves? Or… the team gets lax in taking actions? What happens when moving too fast causes outages from risks that weren't properly identified? I call it a Resume Generating Opportunity. And it is exactly what I want to see people avoid.

That's why I have kept this book outside of the theoretical and describe EXACTLY what works NOW, and has been easy to understand everywhere I have taken it. The book is helpful if you are in sales, a service desk or a seasoned consultant. Everyone has something they can learn and I have plenty to teach!


The title chosen was “Just Do THIS: A Simpler Way to Succeed in I.T.”

You can buy it on Amazon, booksellers, or better yet get the Hardcover Edition DIRECTLY FROM ME!