Be a Citrix Hero was written in 2019 and published in 2020 – so what is different with Citrix in 2023? What would D.J. change about the book now? Is Citrix even still the best choice?

In this webinar replay you will find out what most significant changes affect life as a Citrix Hero today. Let us be honest: the last few years have been rough. But Citrix itself is a different company now – literally. Now part of Cloud Software Group, Citrix is a private company – no more shareholders affecting decisions! It begs the question – has this made things better?

D.J. holds nothing back in this webinar – calling Citrix out for things it is doing badly – but praising them for what they are STILL doing best in a supposedly crowded market. He's taking a lot of risk with this one, but there's a reason. The technology has evolved – so this webinar will give some quick areas to consider now four years after the original Citrix Hero membership.

You'll have a rare opportunity to work with D.J. Eshelman to learn what you actually need to know … regardless of where you are at with your current level of experience. You won't want to miss this!

View the replay HERE!

Being a Citrix Hero in 2023 - 3 years later what has changed? What you must know!

What You'll Learn in the Being a Citrix Hero in 2023 Webinar

The Being a Citrix Hero in 2023 webinar runs 60 minutes – but the recording contains an extra 30 minutes of bonus material about the stage of Citrix in 2023 … including some warnings about a storm coming. Here's what to expect:

  • Look back at the last 3-4 years (with no discussion of COVID. You're welcome).
  • What would I change in 2023?
  • What makes a Hero today?
  • Going Beyond the Books – how I'm guiding new Heroes in 2023.
  • BONUS 30 min session:
    • Is Citrix still the best choice?
    • A Storm Coming (this is the part where D.J. is likely to ruffle some feathers…)
    • A unique opportunity for you to Face The Storm