We have decided to delay this course's public enrollment. If you are interested in becoming a member of the THRIVE-IT Insiders group to get access to this beta, please first view this presentation and proceed as instructed there. 

Gain Complete Confidence in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

What better salary could you earn by jumping ahead in your career faster than struggling to figure it out on your own?  Let's do some quick math here: Say you are currently making $45,000 per year in a Service Desk capacity.
Over three years – $135,000.
Now let's say you'd have gained the knowledge and experience at that point to be promoted to an Engineer and earn $80,000 per year (or in some cases, more).

But what if it didn't take three years. What would it look like if you were promoted this year? In three years – that's $255,000.

That's a difference of $120,000 in the same amount of time!

Spend 12 weeks with us and we'll teach you on 3 YEARS worth of knowledge (average, based on our surveys). This is the fast track to everything you need to know to be confident and successful in Troubleshooting, Administrating, Engineering, and even Architecting Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops.

Special Course Beta Opportunity!

In this unique “Crowdfunding” opportunity – you'll be able to get access to the beta course for a fraction of the full launch cost!

…we're talking saving $4796 USD here… Sound good? 

What you get by enrolling in this course

First off – this is NOT the Official Citrix Course Material. We think their courses are great, but we have a few things we wanted to do differently – and we have something they don't have: The ability to learn at your own pace with PERMANENT access to all course materials, developed by industry experts including founder D.J. Eshelman (Author of “Be A Citrix Hero” and “Just Do THIS: A Simpler Way to Succeed in IT”), and Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) Eltjo van Gulik

Guided Weekly Learning

Rather than a one-week learn it or miss it ‘boot camp', we release the content to you over the course of 12 weeks (schedule below) so we can support you along the way and let you live your life in the process!

Virtual Remote Learning at Your Pace

Video lessons and examples will guide your learning every step of the way. You'll be shown what to do before you are encouraged to do it in your lab! In a different time zone? No problem. View the lessons when it best works for you!

Optional Lab Challenges

Rather than rely on a lab that goes away after the course, we want you to ‘roll your own'. Your enrollment includes a ‘lab in a weekend' challenge – but also adequate time before the course kickoff to allow you to purchase or allocate hardware. You'll have step by step instruction and check-ins with us.

Guides and Workbooks

You'll have printable guides and workbooks each week… and upon completion of the course, a Certificate of Completion. As an added bonus, D.J. will also be giving you digital versions of both of his current books for your continued success.

Access to a Private Community (and App)

With your enrollment, you'll be placed in a private ‘cohort' within the Citrix Hero Community, dedicated to students of the Confidence in Citrix Course. Ask questions, encourage each other, share wins. It's social networking without the Facebook drama. Best of all – access the community right from your mobile device!

Weekly Live Q&A and Community Halls

What sets this course apart from all the rest: 12 weeks of access to Citrix Experts. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions ahead of time or live and attend live Question and Answer (Q&A) sessions. Our goal is to make sure you are gaining confidence, not memorizing for a test!


You've got questions? We'll do our best to answer them here and update this with any new questions!

Will this course teach what I need for Citrix Certification?

We want to be very clear on this: This is NOT a Certification Prep course. Courses like bootcamps or test preps tend to focus on just what you need to know to pass a test (often by memorization). We want to equip you for actual confidence. So while we feel you will likely be able to pass an exam within a few months of taking this course, our focus is on teaching what you really need to know at work, not at the testing center.

Is this an official Citrix course?

Not even remotely. We are developing this content on our own based on our experiences in field consulting. This content is not endorsed, provided by or supported by Citrix Systems. If you need the official training or a Bootcamp, we can get you in contact with the right resources. We are offering something completely different.

Is there a self-paced course option?

We are looking into a self-paced option in the future with any-time enrollment. However, at this time we feel that the inclusion of a Cohort (community) and Live Q&A sessions and live workshops provides more value and helps us better ‘hone' the content.

How often will you release new lessons?

New lessons will be released in the online portal after the Q&A session from the prior week.
Want to skip ahead? Not in this course, sorry. We want to focus on each week's lessons in our Q&As and support sessions to make sure we aren't overwhelming those that may not have prior experience. Trust us on this one!

How often will you release new lessons?

New lessons will be released in the online portal after the Q&A session from the prior week.
Want to skip ahead? Not in this course, sorry. We want to focus on each week's lessons in our Q&As and support sessions to make sure we aren't overwhelming those that may not have prior experience. Trust us on this one!

When does the course begin?

We are hoping to launch in October of 2020 if we can secure enough deposits to signal that we are safe to proceed.

Can I enroll in the course after it launches?

To best support our students, we will only allow enrollment to each ‘cohort' group for a period of two weeks. At that time, we ‘close the doors' and focus on serving our students. While we know this means a lot of people will not be able to attend, we'd encourage you to enroll even if you will be starting late. You will see from the schedule below that there are opportunities to ‘catch up' with the rest of the group, and you will have permanent access to the materials.

How much experience will I need for this course?

You should have at least a basic understanding of Windows in an Enterprise environment. Knowledge of the basics of networking, Active Directory, and storage are also very helpful.
The ideal candidate will have at least worked in Information Technology for the last year.
All that said – purchasing this course will give you permanent access to the material so if you are lacking in some areas and not ‘getting it' – you're always welcome to come back later!

Now – if you have basic Citrix CVAD experience and are here to update your knowledge – we encourage you to be patient and helpful to those starting out. We want to foster community and long-lasting friendships during this course!

Will you run this course again?

That is our intention – we have not set dates for 2021 (a 12-week course is a lot to arrange logistically!) but anticipate running the course at least twice in 2021. If all goes well, we will attempt to run during Q2 and Q4 of 2021.

What does beta mean?

This is the first time we are offering a course like this. There are bound to be little glitches here and there, things we need to adjust and tactics to change. That is why we are offering such a steep discount. Think of it as your feedback as payment for the course. Additionally, as a Beta participant you are getting something we may not offer again – access to any updated course materials in 2021.

What if I get behind or have to take a week off?

Behind a week? NO PROBLEM. You'll have permanent access to the content, and all the Q&A recordings – so you can learn at your own pace. Take that vacation! You can catch up at any time! We feel that this feature sets us apart from 90% of the courses out there!

What if I get stuck on a lesson?

You have access to a worldwide cohort in our special Mighty Network, Citrix Heroes. Additionally, there will be a method of submitting questions to your instructors which we will either answer directly or include in the Q&A sessions so that others that may have the same question can learn as well!

What if I have a question after the course ends?

At the end of the course, we will discuss options in this regard. We think you'll like what we're putting together in that regard!

When do the other funding rounds begin? What are the prices?

Each round starts once the previous is fully funded. Here are the prices for the additional rounds:

  • Round 2 – $2399 (or 3 payments of $935)
  • Round 3 – $2599 (or 3 payments of $1013)
  • Beta Launch (TBD) – $2999 (or 3 payments of $1169)

Combo pricing will be announced at the beginning of each round, but note that we will not proceed without a minimum initial commitment to reduce our risks.

Can I have my boss pay for this? Can I purchase this for someone else?

We will allow corporate purchases and gift purchases as scholarships only. We always ask that our students have personal financial commitments to increase their commitment to completing the course. If you would like to sponsor or be sponsored, use the contact form below and we will be in contact.

Can I cancel?

For the ‘crowdfunding' option, a full refund is not possible but credit toward future CTX.Academy, and purchases may be issued along with any refund we can but cannot guarantee them. We will do our best to work with you but this is the nature of this type of campaign.
For a standard enrollment, you may request to cancel up to 14 days after the courses begin, however, we reserve the right to an administrative fee of up to $400 and/or give you the option to apply funds toward future CTX.Academy, and purchases.

Will I Learn Citrix Cloud?

Not this time. Because Current Release and Citrix Cloud move so fast, teaching concepts with video and other course assets would be nearly impossible. The course is focused on concepts, not on specific aspects of the technology. We use LTSR because it will be the same consoles for the next few years, and the concepts translate into other versions quite well. Look for additional features to be added in the future which you will have the option to add to stay current on updates from Citrix.
But remember: Our focus is on learning the concepts, not the consoles.

What does "Permanent Access" mean?

Simply put – you'll have access to the materials you paid for as long as we remain in business doing this. If it becomes easier for us to upgrade you down the road than keep the old material, we'll do so. You may also have the opportunity to upgrade to a later release at a huge discount – but the course as you take it will be available to you as long as the site is up and running! Also – in the case of Beta participants, as an added bonus you will also get any course video updates thru 2021.

Course Schedule

Expand a section to discover what you'll learn!

Pre-Course Workshop

Learn about what Citrix does, what Virtual Apps and Desktops are

Attend DJ's Career Workshop session and learn more about your ideal career path, and what learning CVAD can unlock in your ideal path.

Optional Lab Challenge

Build your lab environment (a safe place to learn Citrix by setting up an isolated environment). You'll be given plenty of time to order the equipment needed if you don't have access to it. Don't worry if you get a little behind – we're giving plenty of time to get you ready and giving you access to us for 2 weeks

Week 1 - Citrix Concepts and Troubleshooting Basics

You'll learn the basics of Application (and Dekstop) Publishing, how to explain it to a stranger. You'll learn how the Citrix communication channels work, how a user session works for applications and desktops.

We will cover basic troubleshooting and “Service Desk” oriented questions such as “I can't connect” or “My stuff isn't there today” or “I'm frozen” or the dreaded “I can't print!”

Week 2 - What Users Need and How Citrix Delivers Them

You'll learn about the Use Cases for Citrix delivery, how to manage the user experience.

You'll see the Citrix administrative consoles in action, and learn how to perform a few common administrative tasks.

You'll learn how Virtual Machine resources are organized

Week 3 - User Preferences and Needs

You'll learn just how Citrix applications and desktops can be the same at each logon, with user settings kept appropriately!

You'll learn the leading practices of how Citrix allows you to make an update once and deploy to all users instantly!

Week 4 - Whiteboarding Challenge and Lab Setup

In this Implementation Week, you will be given a challenge to ‘whiteboard' (draw) how a Citrix logon works. We'll be seeing who can map out the concepts of profiles, image management and more!

You will finish your lab setup and be ready to install components next week

Week 5 - Build I: Concepts

This week will introduce concepts of design, walking you through a professional design document – showing you how to interpret it.

Week 6 - Build II: Installing Your First Controller and Desktop

You will deploy the basics of Citrix components, integrate with the hypervisor, and deploy your first virtual desktop!

Week 7 - Build III: Accessing Desktops and Apps

You'll deploy the components to access your new desktop.

A special guest will introduce how Citrix Apps and Desktops can be accessed from anywhere in the world!

Week 8 - Implementation Week: Building A Proof Of Concept

By the end of the week, you'll have a fully operational Proof of Concept environment and understand the concepts and importance of success criteria.

Need to catch up?
Got questions?
This is a week of additional support and live Q&As. No Hero left behind!

Week 9: Design I: Thinking like an Architect

You'll learn how to turn use cases into policy, when to use a Multi-Session environment vs VDI.
You'll learn concepts of Single Image Management and Storage considerations.
You'll also be introduced to some bonus discussions of more advanced features of LTSR Premium and more and why they make the difference in End User Computing.

Week 10: Design Scenarios

This is the week you will not want to miss. We'll have 3 breakout sessions with your classmates…
You'll be given a scenario as a larger group… then breakout into smaller groups to determine together the best design and come back with a report for the whole.

You'll have time to ask questions and view last week's bonus content releases

And… there may be some quizzes for you to be ready for.

Week 11 - Design II: Design Documentation

Ready to play Architect? You'll learn how the pros do it… then you'll do it!

By the end of the week you'll submit your design document for grading and feedback from your instructors!

Week 12: Wrap up and GRADUATION!

This week is dedicated to open issues, gathering your feedback, last Q&As and… a special graduation ceremony you won't want to miss!

Citrix ADC (NetScaler) Fundamentals Course Details

Co-Developed by Steve Topazi of XenLabz, this exclusive course will guide you thru installing ADC, configuring networking, security, load balancing, Citrix Gateway and more.
This is a self-paced video course, so your purchase will grant you permanent access.

Note – this course is under development and while bundled with this opportunity, will be sold separately.

Citrix Hero Program

Based on the hit book “Be A Citrix Hero” this is the video content that Program members got as a monthly subscription, now available to you as a single price.

There is more than 12 hours of video content total in the program focusing on the consulting recommendations DJ makes most frequently.

Note, the concepts are intended for seasoned administrators and engineers but will complement the course quite well!

Having an issue?

Let us know if you have a question or challenge!