My friend Miguel (Migs) at CCS has compiled a new list of AntiVirus file exceptions and guidelines for you all to test!

Citrix Recommended Antivirus Exclusions | Citrix Blogs


Generally speaking, not doing this can lead to serious problems with speed and even stability. With the way point releases are happening, you should NEVER count on your AV provider to hard-code exceptions for you.

So even if you think an exception is happening by default, I still recommend testing the full list.

But by and large, in my experience with non-persistent VMs- disabling realtime antivirus scan on read and scheduled scans has the largest impact on your scalability. So, work with your security team to get that exception made and make sure they actually do it!

You'd be amazed how many assessments I have done lately where people thought the exceptions were there only to find that they had either been changed or never put in place!

So- use Migs' list and do an audit today!