Citrix Synergy is one of those industry conferences that is a lot of things to a lot of folks… but one thing I've always heard is “I wish I would have brought X”

I thought first I'd give a few more complete prep guides out there (this list will be updated as I find more of them):

But what good what I be doing to just say “Ditto”? Here's what I brought this year and why; in the hopes you'll see this before you pack and benefit (or benefit next year):

My Citrix Synergy 2017 Packing List

First off, I've arrived early for Labs, staying for all of Synergy and also staying for E2EVC – so that's a solid 6 days of walking, sitting, walking, sitting, standing, walking, walking, walking and some more walking. I'm going to estimate roughly 11 miles each day for me. I should also mention that my hotel is a little over a mile away on foot. I'll be trying the Trolley this year (Thanks, Neil!) – $9 for the week will work for me; I'll try to remember to report back on that here.

Given the schedule and how IN-SANE certain days and nights can get at Synergy, I use a layering strategy in everything from what I wear to how I pack.  (Note- I'll provide Amazon links when I can)

Layer 1: Clothing

  • Polo Shirts (note- this is the first year I've decided against long sleeve shirts. We'll see how it goes! The key is be comfortable without being unprofessional.)
  • Company Golf Shirts
  • Khaki Pants
  • Denim jeans for evenings
  • Sketchers Go Walk 3
  • ECCO Dress Shoes
  • GoodFeet Insoles (critical for me)
  • Light Fleece (this is the most overlooked item. Trust me- I have never been in a session in all of these years that hasn't kept the room over 70 degrees. If you don't have a sport coat or something like that, bring something to take the edge off the cold) – LAYER!!!
  • Swim Trunks and Shorts (just in case, I've rarely used them – count on being so busy you won't need to)

Layer 2: Accessories and Equipment

  • Water Bottle (Thanks to Dr. Tobias Kreidl for reminding CUGC in including this critical item.) Pretty much every session will have water stations, but it's so very important to keep the ability to hydrate with you. Sure the air is humid outside, but inside- cold and dry. More so important if you plan on taking part of any of the numerous occasions for adult beverages.
  • Vitamins (critical for recovery – I triple my dose round Wednesday just to recover from various adult beverages and late nights that I am never ready for.)
  • 17″ Laptop (I have a Samsung laptop I bought in 2017 that is still rocking. It has HDMI, Display Port and VGA output- which is important for Labs) – used Sunday and Monday and then left at the hotel
  • ASUS Transformer Chi Tablet with detachable keyboard – cheap and effective for note taking and signing into my work's XenApp Applications all week.
  • 2 Battery Packs (I anticipate getting more from Vendor Partners this week)

Layer 3: Luggage and Bags

  • I usually travel with a carry on bag- but mine has the ability to expand. Why is this important? Because you will leave with more than you came. You will. Even if you only take the conference official bag, you will be getting SWAG (Stuff We All Get) from vendors that want you to take their stuff.
    • Leave space or the ability to expand your main luggage
    • Always bring stuff back for your team that didn't have the privilege of going to Synergy
    • Anticipate things like batteries, shirts, various prizes and fascinating solutions to everyday challenges like multiple charging cables.
  • Main bag for laptop (mine is a bag I won in Orlando a few years back that I use every time I travel)- after Monday it stays at the hotel
  • New bag to hold SWAG, tablet, water bottle and battery packs

More Synergy Advice

  • You're going to walk and stand. A LOT.
  • You're not going to sleep much.
  • Go to the parties
  • Visit the Vendors
  • Visit me and others at the CUGC booth!
  • You're going to get tired.
  • Your Brain may try to explode.
  • You'll go home brimming with new information and confidence.
  • You are going to have a blast.

See you there!

I'll be tweeting quite a bit all week- follow me at @TheXenMaster. Include this post with this link: