The Dirty Dozen: 12 Most Common Citrix Mistakes

Learn what consultants most often recommend you change!

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Webinar Host DJ Eshelman

DJ Eshelman has been career-focused on Citrix since 2005.

DJ has served as an ad-hoc lead/resident with Citrix Consulting Services since 2010, Consulting Architect with a Platinum partner 2015 and Director of Technology for a Platinum partner in 2017. DJ now runs a private consulting company (B.O.T. Consulting).

DJ is the author of the “Becoming a Citrix Hero” eBook ( He provides individual coaching, and runs a blog & free community mentoring site (

DJ earned Citrix Certified Expert-Virtualization certification in 2015. In 2016 DJ founded the Colorado CUGC. He currently Co-Leads the Nashville CUGC. He was named a Citrix Technology Advocate (CTA) in 2017.

Why are some Citrix Professionals able to create such Well-Running Environments while others are waiting for the 2 am phone call?

Why do some advance in their careers quickly while others stay stuck in the same job year after year?

And why are some people confident in the way experts do it while others are wondering how to even start?

In this free session, Citrix Consultant & Coach DJ Eshelman will share the answers to these questions so you too can have the confidence that top Citrix Experts have.

How? By teaching you the EXACT same things that you would likely hear if you were to hire a consultant today to evaluate your environment.

We know this because the 12 things we'll reveal to you are the recommendations DJ made most frequently over the two years as a consultant!

In this 2 hour masterclass you'll learn not only what people are doing wrong but some key ways to resolve the common issues. Come prepared to take notes... in the provided workbook!

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