Are you Ready to Grow Your Career?
Gain Confidence, Increase your pay... and spend less time figuring out "How to Citrix"!


I'm giving a very limited group (max 50) an opportunity to be part of a Beta+Founder Membership at


Here's the deal:

  • I give you a preview of the structure and content that will be part of the membership
  • I give you exclusive training and coaching time (which is normally $165/hr)
  • I help you along a pathway to success with a proven formula and methodology
  • You give me feedback
  • You have the opportunity to help shape what the membership will look like
  • You give reviews and testamonials
  • You help me pay for the hosting and other costs
  • I give you an unbelievably discounted rate which is locked in [we're talking savings of over $500/year... because your feedback means that much to me]
  • I give you an exclusive referall code to share with anyone and earn free membership months.


Complete the form above and you'll be on the waiting list. I'll be emailing out a private invitation to join a live webinar where you'll learn more about the membership beta!

Didn't make the Beta? THAT'S OKAY! I'll be offering the first 50 additional people to sign up the first shot at joining with the Charter program this September. Charter members will also be given a permanent discounted rate!

Why Join a Membership Site?

My name is DJ Eshelman. I've been a Citrix consultant since 2004.
Trust me- I get it. I learned the hard way about all the hard things about this technlogy.

For the first 7 or so years of my career I felt like I was pretty alone in my passion for this technology. Sure, there were the occasional sales pitch plus 'user groups' but honestly- they weren't doing anything for my career plans and I always felt alone and to be honest- kind of frustrated constantly searching Google for answers.

In 2011 I started working with Citrix Consulting Services and year after year I saw some people succeed after we were there, and some fail.

I have been recommending for years Citrix Education (and I still do!). But I realized recently that that should be part of what is needed... And I realized you don't always need to go thru those courses to get the same results!

What do you need?


I'm Investing in Your Success

The hard reality is- free isn't working.

People aren't being impacted as they should.

Careers aren't moving forward as they should.

Citrix becomes a burden rather than a joy.


So what am I doing about it?

I'm investing time and technology to bring content and community together in a private, exclusive site. I've partnered with leaders in this space to make sure it's done right!

  • Proven Website Technology
  • Industry Leading Course Management Software
  • Closed Facebook Group
  • Private Slack Channel(s)
  • Weekly Content and Live calls
  • Access to Industry Leaders
  • More!


Get on a Success Path to Xen Mastery


First- I'm giving you the opportunity to join my exclusive membership community. No Sponsors. No random posts from people that aren't even invested in your success... a true community of people that are all wanting to do one thing: Become better and more Confident with Citrix technologies.

There's more. A LOT more- sign up for the list! I'll make sure you hear about the next live webinar I'll give to describe everything members get access to.

We do NOT currently have an open enrollment. This is based on feedback that it helps to join in a cohort of folks, regardless of where you are in your path.


Second- I realize that sometimes you need more than just a supportive community, you need one-on-one time. So very soon I'll be making myself available to do direct coaching!


Third- as you may have read, I'm going to be launching my own set of courses based on feedback I get from my members. I call it the and I'm very excited to offer it to everyone later this year. Of course- members will be getting discounts on the courses but you can learn more about that separate venture at 

The Path to Xen Mastery

Be part of our next Webinar to learn more

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