Greetings! I have been working in the background on some upcoming new content for the site, which I look forward to sharing with you. September tends to be a busy month for Consulting work, so as I anticipate being much busier then, I have a few things I'm hoping to get done before the ‘rush' hits!

There's a few things I wanted to quickly update everyone on:

Upcoming Content

Here are some of the things I'm working on (I'll link them when they are done):


  • Assess: Along with the upcoming courses in how I conduct Health Checks in XenApp/XenDesktop… I'll be releasing a “Dirty Dozen“- the top twelve things I am seeing on assessments that people are commonly needing to address. I hope to do this every year for both this site and my other advanced sites!
  • Design: MCS vs PVS in 2016. There's a lot of FUD out there and a lot of confusion as to what to do and when. I'm putting together a guide that I'm hoping will be helpful.
  • Build: Removing the Reserved System Partition on PVS vDisks. This problem is something I am seeing a lot more of as people transition to XenApp 7.x from Server 2008 and Windows 7. It typically occurs when a reverse build is needed to update, say… VMware tools and the PVS target software. Looking forward to sharing my latest advice on that! Update: This was published Aug. 9th!
  • Maintain: I can't announce it just yet, but I'm working on some content on a monitoring tool that I feel I can recommend. I can't wait to get it to you!
  • Blog RoundupFrom time to time, I'll be trying to link to more blogs with great content that I read. My goal is to not just give you links but to summarize why you should read it. So as time allows, look for that new content category!

Courses and Training

  • Citrix Health Check Courses. This is something I've been wanting to do for a long time: share my knowledge and insights as to how to go beyond just the standard product education and look at the bigger picture. I think a good place to start is the general health check for Desktop and Application delivery (XenApp/XenDesktop). So I'll start with either a 4 hr, 1 day or 1 week format. In the coming months I'll be developing affordable introductory classes that will help the Citrix Professional conduct effective health checks in their own environment, customer environments and, for the Sales or Systems Engineer- how to identify which items to prioritize. If you are interested in becoming a beta tester for me, I'm very interested in your feedback when the time is right. subscribers will always get discounted rates! As you can guess- yes, these will be a paid course with the goal of making you more marketable and able to garner trust in the industry! #worthit
  • Mentoring. This is something I've been wanting to do for some time- to offer personal mentoring to my subscribers at a discounted or rate. Basically, what I hear over and over again is that people feel like they are ‘dropped off the map' once they complete a training course, so I want to build a program that starts with basic mentoring, building up eventually to full-on coaching. I would love your feedback on this as its fairly unprecedented and I need to figure out how to best balance the time with the fact that I'm still an active consultant for customers. Click the contact form to inquire more about this!
  • Free How-To Guides. Starting in September, my goal is to provide quarterly how-t0 guides on a topic selected by members, but also link to other great how-to guides from people like Carl Stalhood who do almost daily work in this area and I don't care to reinvent the wheel!

Upcoming Site Updates

New Affiliates

I'm proud to announce that now that Amazon is finally getting along with our home state in the USA (Colorado), we are able to give you clickable links for products we feel are worth your while, such as the Kindle Paperwhite DJ uses to read everything from fiction to tech and everything inbetween or the new 6″ Kindle (Amazon Affiliate Links).
You click the link and buy the product, you help us keep the lights on around here. Easy enough, right?

We don't want to bombard you with random ads, but we do want our readers to have a way to give back for the content we're working on. What better way than to share products we use and trust?
Quick note on that- we only allow affiliates or sponsors we trust! So if you ever have feedback for an affiliate- we want to know, and we've added that into our contact form below.

Finally… Thanks for subscribing and sharing our content. The more interest we generate, the more time I spend on new content.  So please feel free to share, repost and link to our articles!

-DJ “XenMaster” Eshelman
August, 2016

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