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Win One of Two (2) Three-Month Membership Packages

June is going to be a huge month for me. It's been months in development. In June I'll be putting together the framework of an exclusive Membership site, and having the beta testing begin in July.

I'm excited.
When I get excited I tend to want to spread the excitement. So I'm having a little contest to see who gets excited right along with me.

I've been recently putting together just how much I should be charging for membership for what I'm developing.

I can tell you that were I to do the same things one on one with you- I'd be charging you over $600 per month to do it. The cool thing about membership is that it spreads the cost over a lot of members. Though I haven't settled on a cost just yet, I can tell you that the math works out to be about $100/month or more. So- Three Months is worth at least $300.

Now, when I launch- it's not going to be $100/month... but I'm still working out the price.

The goal here? Get the word out! So- this is where you come in to help me!

Enter Here!

Simple enough to enter- all I need is your email address at the KingSumo Site I'm using for the contest.

Important: Make sure you confirm your email!

More Chances to WIN!

The cool thing about this contest is the more you play, the more chances you have of winning!

  • You'll have the opportunity to enter every day.
  • You'll get points for others that join from your social media referrals
  • You'll get points for following me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more (and if you are already following- click it to claim credit!!!)
  • Join our Facebook group... and tons more

Get Ready for the BETA

In June I'll be contacting a few select people to validate some aspects of the membership site I'm putting together. I'll also be attending a conference for membership sites to learn a TON MORE about how to best serve you.

In July- I'll be launching a Beta and I want YOU to be part of it. Because it's a Beta, I'm going to limit the number of signups and score entry based on participation overall in this contest and more.

After the Beta- every participant will have the opportunity to become Charter Members - a LIFETIME discount on our membership!!!


Hope you enjoy this contest as much as I have putting it together.

I have to be honest here- I'm really excited about spreading the word over the next few months!