Enrollment is Closed.

What's Up?

I have made a decision to close enrollment to the Citrix Hero and Citrix Professionals memberships in order to focus on developing course content and, more importantly – my new coaching program!

The new coaching program is for those that are ready to make a leap forward in their life and career. It doesn't matter if you are involved with Citrix or not, in fact. If you are ready to do the work – I'm ready to coach you. To spot those blind spots. To see you in ways you can't see yourself. To guide you and encourage you.

Coaching involves not only working with myself, but weekly meetings with others paired to your interests and areas of focus. You'll not only have access to me in ways not possible before – but be part of a group that meets in a MasterMind format. You'll be gaining lifelong friends.

So if you'd like to learn more, I'm willing to invest in YOU with a free 90 minute coaching session. No sales pitch. We'll work together to get you started on your goals, if you are ready to go after them.

To schedule a call with me – fill out the form below and I'll send you a scheduling link!


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