Take control of your career.

Let me teach you how I do things in Citrix!

The Hero’s journey

…can be your journey.

After all- the experts didn’t start out as experts. That’s why our system meets you where you are in your hero journey! (click each to expand)

Sending up the Signal

“We bought this thing called Citrix”
…and they expect you to figure it out.

So… time to learn what’s most important! Unlike other Hero stories, you become a hero by learning from other Citrix Heroes!


Excited Sidekick

You’ve had some success! Connected with a mentor. 

Now it’s all about learning what they know and figuring out how to start working smarter, not harder by embracing leading practices of the experts.

Citrix Hero

You are the one that users love to talk to because you’ve made a real difference in the way they work. You’ve created a balance between work and life they never thought possible. That management is greatful they hired. You’ve rescued the company from wasted resources and lost Return on Investment.

You’re a Hero.


Confident Expert

You are among the elite. The Hall of Heroes. The League of Legends.

Time to take your place, defender of leading practies.

It’s also time to lead others. Are you ready?


Just getting started


Learned a few useful things


Less time at work. More time at home.


You're the Go-To. Respect has earned you flexibility in your work

How does it work?

  • Each month, you get a detailed eBook chapter outlining an expert-driven Citrix Leading Practice that will be scored for Importance, User Impact, Security Impact and Difficulty. You’ll not only learn the WHY, but HOW to implement changes just like the pros do.
  • You’ll also get either a live or recorded training session video and some months will also include an audio training.
  • But most importantly – you’ll get access to DJ and the other experts every month to answer your questions and be absolutely sure you understand the training.

Membership Bonuses

What else you get with your subscription!

Monthly Teaching Bonuses

Nearly every month- we’ll be doing a live webinar, workshop or challenge for the general public. You’ll get access to these even when they are paid programs. You’ll also get the archives as a member even after they are removed from the public view!


Online Forum and Community

A members-only area only available to premium subscribers. Interact, learn and grow with your peers!
Got a question? You’ve got people you can trust to ask it.
Got an answer? Earn status points for your participation!


Annual Ebook

Annual subscribers get a little something extra – every lesson collected into a special ebook in PDF, ePub and Kindle formats!

Meet DJ Eshelman

Since 2005, DJ has specialized in Citrix. From right where you probably started. Thrust into a technology he didn’t understand… but he grew in knowledge and found that by focusing on the right things instead of the ‘right now’ things- he increased his success.

From earning $35,000 per year in 2005 to well over $160,000 by 2015 (no, we aren’t telling you how much after that…)
DJ has not only learned how – he wants to share how you can too. The difference is he wants to show you how to get there faster than he did.

DJ’s passion is to leave the world better than he found it. Sure, he could continue being the well paid independent consultant and not share what he knows… but what good would that do?

Learn from DJ and his network of other experts by signing up today for this unique membership!

Program Options and Features

For a limited time, get access to these Founding Member prices. All prices are in USD.

These prices WILL increase regularly! However- once you enroll at a price- your price NEVER CHANGES.

Prices do not include international/VAT Taxes. Buyer is responsible for any reporting required by their local juristiction.
Tennessee residents will be charged sales tax due to nexus laws.

Enrollment Extended - Pricing goes up soon!








Proposed Topics for 2019

(not in any particular order)

  • PVS Tuning for Server and VDAs (Bonus: MCS tuning!) – Lesson is live now with your subscription!
  • OS Optimization and Resource Sizing Deep Dive 
  • NetScaler Leading Practices Build Guide
  • Hypervisor Structure, Tuning and Redundancy Design (Bonus: Cloud Sizing Guides)
  • Workspace Environment Management Quick-Win Design
  • The Sub-30 second Logon Design Guide
  • Updating Your Environment to Meet Changing User Requirements 
  • Security and Operations (AV, Monitoring, Backups and Disaster Recovery)
  • Update Procedures (for all Images, Resources and all other components) – Lesson is live now with your subscription!
  • Active Directory and Group Policy Object/Preferences Design – Lesson is live now with your subscription!
  • “It’s Not Citrix” month – methods and discussions on proactive troubleshooting and how to talk to users and management about when Citrix is the problem… and when it isn’t
  • Members Choice! Survey will indicate topic. Hall of Heroes Celebration.
  • Bonus: DJ’s Citrix Tuning Framework – Lesson is live now with your subscription!

Satisfaction Guarantee

It’s simple enough. We want you to be successful. If this product isn’t for you or life changes your financial priorities – no worries!

  • Monthly: Cancel any time. You are eligible for a full refund until 5 days after the live Q&A session each month (typically 15-20 days). Note that cancellation will forfeit your pricing and you will have to re-enroll at the current prices.
  • Annual: Want to try it out first? No problem! Try it for 15 days- if it’s not for you, contact us for a refund, no questions asked.
  • Annual: You may cancel at any time, guaranteed. We will refund any reasonable unused portions promptly. Note that cancellation will forfeit your pricing and you will have to re-enroll at the current prices. Due to processing fees, after 15 days we reserve the right to deduct the fees incurred by credit card processing from your refund.
  • One-on-One: Each month is a contract that unfortunately cannot be cancelled. We understand that ‘life happens’ and will do our best to accommodate if you are unable to work with us for the month you are contracted.
  • A La Carte: For A la Carte (individual lessons) our refund policy is 7 days, no questions asked. If you’d like to upgrade to the monthly or annual program, you may do so.
  • Free: There is no charge and you may adjust your sending preferences or completely unsubscribe at any time.

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