In this episode, DJ explains his Services Methodology which will be featured in his new book “Just Do This” (summer of 2020). You'll learn how DJ has taken the methodology from companies like Microsoft, Citrix and others, combined it with some psychology (and observations of how sometimes Agile and DevOps does NOT work…) and came up with a simple 4 step process that is easily understandable and portable to multiple uses. You'll learn a summary of 4 steps in this iterative process: 1) Understand 2) Plan 3) Change 4) Maintain

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02:37: Everyone universally needs to know where you're at in the process. Otherwise, it's just your methodology and your thing and nobody else is going to be able to work with you.

02:57You're never going to be in that place where it's going to be “just what you're doing” and nobody else involved.

03:08: Ultimately, if you want to get further in your career and build up a success in that way, then you really do need to learn to work as a team and a methodology is a way to do that.

03:26: [process] it needs to be simple.

03:38the third major criteria here is that it be easily identifiable.

04:03What I think is not positive overall is getting hung up on terminology and things like that to describe what you're doing. I think that is ultimately a mistake.

04:50So I have four steps. Understand is always the first thing, then you plan, then you change and then you maintain.

05:10: First you understand what's going on, which means you take the time to either assess the situation or if you have a specific project you're going with, then you are actually finding out what you need to know in order to actually make a design or whatever it is that you're doing.

05:37: Your understand is the why of doing things.

06:37This is where things like change control come into play – in the place where you're actually going to say, okay, here's what I'm going to do, when I'm gonna do it, and hopefully you're saying also, here's why I'm doing it.

07:23: Once you have your plan down and it's good, you go to the change part of it. And so you're actually doing that whole change process, whatever it is; building out new systems, installing updates, whatever the changes are, that's where the effective differences in whatever you're doing are.

08:00: The change tends to be where the most time is spent.

08:34And then the next kind of phase with that will be maintained, which means you're just basically saying, okay, this is steady state from that point on.

09:05: You're actually doing the day to day care; feeding and hopefully with most IT environments is where the majority of time is spent.

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