Meet the XenMaster of ctxPRO- DJ Eshelman

My name is DJ “XenMaster” Eshelman and I have dedicated my professional life to the Citrix family of products, primarily focused on application and desktop delivery since about 2004.

Experience and Expertise

So where does this whole “XenMaster” thing come from? Isn't that a little pretentious?

I suppose that would depend on your sense of humor. If you have none- then yes. If you do- you'll quickly realize that it is in good fun. It came from a customer in about 2014 or so, and I was just amused enough to make it stick.

That all said, I am a Citrix Certified Expert in Virtualization (CCE-V) who dabbles in NetScaler from time to time (CCA-N) and owner of Eshelman Enterprises, Inc. There I offer my consulting and architect services to customers either on my own behalf at or on behalf of others (including, interestingly enough, Citrix themselves). Actually, Citrix Consulting has been a pivotal part of why I am doing this. Over 4 years of serving their customers as a Resident and/or Ad-Hoc Consultant has not only allowed me to grow as a professional but given me a great amount of perspective as to the challenges and common issues faced by Citrix Professionals in the workplace.

As I serve companies by offering Assessment, Design and Implementation services- I've certainly learned a lot.

Let's be honest- calling myself “the XenMaster” is probably not really appropriate because I'm always learning new things and don't really consider myself to be the absolute authority… but I do feel I have a lot of knowledge rattling around in this head of mine!

Why I Created

But let's cut to the chase. In 2013 I started to feel that my professional life needed a direction, and I landed on this simple statement:

In everything I do- I want to leave it better than I found it.

Imagine my amazement in 2014 when Citrix CEO Mark Templeton said that as a company, Citrix should… leave the world better than they found it!

When I met Mark Templeton in 2014

When I met Mark Templeton in 2014

How validating! I knew that my purpose made sense not only personally, but professionally as well. Now, several years later I'm finally going beyond just the people I meet while consulting and addressing a wider audience.

Giving Back to the Citrix Community

So this site (and the others I am working on) is all about me giving back and serving the Citrix community as a whole, XenMaster or not!
Sure, technical information is fine, and we'll be doing that- but I'm also passionate about helping people develop their personal and professional lives- so we'll focus on that as well!

I am the founder of the Colorado Citrix User Group Community– if you are in Colorado, I'd very much encourage you to join us- if not- join CUGC anyway!

More about this XenMaster dude

I live in Northern Colorado with my wife, but travel all over the country (and sometimes, the world). So I'd love to hear from you and know where you are if I ever find myself in your area!

I am a somewhat active musician and guitarist, public speaker, occasional author and photographer. I love the outdoors, riding my motorcycle and just in general enjoying my life!

DJ Speaking

I maintain a blog (and soon, Podcast) called “Better Than You Found It” devoted to helping people live a life of passion and purpose! I hope to see you there, or… out there!

Contacting the XenMaster

I encourage and give feedback and would love to hear your comments and above all- I really want to know how to best serve you!

You can email me at XenMaster yat EshelmanEnterprises dot com and follow me on Twitter @TheXenMaster


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    DJ Eshelman - Photo by Sarah Goff