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Dashlane Password Management

Since 2016, I’ve used Dashlane to manage passwords on all my devices. Here’s the thing:

KeePass works, sure- but managing it is a pain. Dashlane lets you do so much more – like letting you know when a password has been compromised or re-used. It works on mobile, which is huge for me these days.

But one of the coolest things about Dashlane is that you can share passwords. This is great for IT teams or working with contractors because you can make it read-only to the person you’re sharing with, and revoke access at any point. Multi-Factor Authentication can be used to secure the whole thing which is also very cool.

Needless to say, if you asked me what my password is for a lot of sites, I wouldn’t know off the top of my head- and that’s a GOOD thing.

So here’s the deal. Try Dashlane for free. If you buy it- you get $20 off your first year…. but you know what? They give me $20 off too! (this is not an affiliate disclosure, it is merely a referral reward)

Screenshot and Video Editing

I take a LOT of screenshots. For years I’ve used OneNote for these but recently I switched to a better tool called SnagIt.

Snagit allows me to not only quickly capture screenshots of customer sessions, builds and other notes but can actually record video of sections of a screen so I can walk thru steps and have them all recorded. It has been a gamechanger for my documentation. Being able to black-out certain details (as you’ve likely seen on some of my blog posts) keeps my information safe while still demonstrating how things works.

But it doesn’t stop there. I’ve started using Camtasia for not only screen recording (including pre-recording PowerPoint presenations so I can go back and edit without having the ‘live blunder’ issue) but now being able to place annotations in their right place… huge for my courses.

The real magic is the way the products work together. I can’t say enough good about them! You can try them BOTH for free!

Content Collaboration and Sharing: ShareFile


I’m a ShareFile junky. I’ll admit it. I’ve used ShareFile since something like 2013. I’d be paying for it if I didn’t already get it for free! I use it daily for not only sending files but when I have clients uploading me information, etc. I use it for email attachments and link my Office 365 storage sites to it. It’s basically amazing, people!!!

However- I have worked out a deal with Citrix on this so that you can support by clicking on this affiliate link. Please let me know if you have been in touch with Citrix on this so I can follow up with them as well! 

Chat Management - Franz

I’ve used Franz for the past few years to manage my chat channels.


As of this writing, this includes 9 Slack Channels, 3 Twitter accounts, What’s App, Voxer, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, Android Messenger, Keep, Hangouts, Discord, Google Voice, GroupMe and for a time, ICQ. Yeah. ICQ.
Franz manages them all in a single window so you can see your notifications at a glance.

Great for your next Twitter battle royale, but especially great for Slack.

  • Website:
  • Disclosures: None- this is not an affiliate link and I’m not compensated if you sign up.

Free Books

Become A Citrix Hero

My first eBook!

I wrote this free eBook so Citrix Administrators, Engineers and Architects discover the top 3 problems I find in Citrix. These are the HIGHEST IMPACT for the LOWEST EFFORT, and I’m giving them away for free.Citrix Hero Top 3 eBook Graphic

Inside Citrix: The Flexcast Management Architecture

From Bas van Kaam

 My friend Bas is doing something very cool- he’s re-writing a book that he’d published in 2016. That’s cool enough, but what is really awesome is that he’s giving you access to each chapter as he writes it FOR FREE.

This effort has made a big difference with my members and coaching clients. And as an added bonus- there’s a big nod to the TV show ‘Friends’ that is just awesome. Enjoy!



Byte-Sized Book Project

 You get two from Bas! Only this one is a collaborative effort between him and Christaan Brinkhoff that gathers input from whoever would like to contribute 250 words or less as a Cloud computing or EUC tip! You can learn more about the project and why I have submitted to it as well right here:

Books for Purchase

Citrix XenApp 7.6 Desktop Virtualization Solutions by Andy Paul Citrix XenApp 7.5 Desktop Virtualization Solutions by Andy Paul.

Andy and I have worked together for a few years now, and I trust his expertise. The concepts translate well to any 7.x deployment, so it is worth grabbing this book.[Buy on Amazon and support CTXPro: Kindle or Hardcover]



Man, I wish someone had shared this with me when I signed up. You can get $40 off your first stay and give me $20 off of mine with this link!

As my travel has become less corporately controlled and more on my own, I’ve been using AirBnB. They also have a business account (which I’ve signed up for) that makes tracking expenses much easier!So if you’re funding your own travel or have to fit into a certain budget I encourage you to start with your first $40 on me!