Who would have thought that all that practice helping people work from home would be so crucial to your company? So, now you're spending a lot more time at home. So… what to do with your time? In this special edition of Citrix Coach in a Car Getting Coffee… or going to the chiropractor, DJ gives some tips on how to manage your time!

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01:21: You will not rise to the occasion. You will only rise to your level of preparedness.
02:31: Even with the right things we can make do with less, and what that means is that we
can actually make some sacrices in user experience.
04:20: There's a couple of things that I wanted to recommend to you. One is, if you're not
already feeling prepared, get prepared. The other is to educate yourself.
10:28: You need to give yourself that time. Don't think that you will be able to just ignore it.
That's not how our minds work. That's not how we are built. We just are not built for
isolation as much as we think we are.
10:48: Even the most introverted people in the world still and ways to become connected to
others. We are social creatures. And so allocate time for that, along with work, along with
everything else. Allocate time to do that. But, here's the key: don't let yourself exceed that
11:47: Write down goals for yourself.
12:09: You need to have some structure and you need to have some priorities set.
12:29: Add value right now.
13:15: Be the person who is showing up. Be the person who is making a difference in people's
lives. Connect with that. Really, really get into thinking about what it is you're doing
and how that's impacting others, because it is. Along with that, give yourself some time to
learn and grow. Give yourself some time to expand your knowledge
15:27: [goals] Write these things down during this time when you're at home because there
will be distractions
15:41: You make a plan, stick to it, but give yourself grace with these kinds of things. Don't be
unrealistic about what we're going to do.
16:01: Don't push yourself beyond what you can handle. But definitely celebrate your wins,
make sure you're spending some time learning new processesand new things. Absolutely give
yourself grace for things you want to get or you feel like you need to do as far as
social interaction when you're kind of cooped up at home. And then, like I said, make a plan
and stick to it.

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