D.J.’s Birthday Bash 2020

D.J.’s Birthday Bash 2020

D.J.'s Big Birthday Bash Ends Soon!








FOUR Investment Opportunities in One!

Black Friday, Cyber Week, DJ's Birthday, December Holidays, End of Year Clearance – take your pick! The reality is, we've got so much going on right now that running different events for each made no sense. So, we just made one big offer!

FOUR Ways For You To Grow!

Here's the reality – you can take all these COVID lockdowns as a time to watch Netflix… or as a time to catch up and get yourself the kind of job security and financial freedom you've been wanting.

I'm putting EVERYTHING I have to offer at “stimulus package” pricing. If you've been waiting for the right time to invest, this is the time. ALL of these prices will be going up in 2021 so do not wait to take advantage of this additional saving!

  • READ: Books to help you in your career –
    • “Be A Citrix Hero”
    • “Just Do THIS” – Premium Hardcover edition, personalized by yours truly
    • The Audiobook and Companion Resources for “Just Do THIS” including a 30-day study guide coming in December
    • For those in the US- a bonus of Dan Miller's “48 Days to the Work You Love”
  • LEARN ONLINE: Online Course Programs
    • The FULL Citrix Hero Program – more than 14 hours of training archives
    • DJ's new IT Assessment Workshop – learn how top-tier consultants conduct assessments
    • Belong to the new Thrive-IT Insiders program – be the first to see valuable training and get access to DJ and the Thrive-IT associates to fast-track your career
    • Access to Office Hours from DJ
    • Access to a private community for your fellow Thrive-IT Insiders
    • Access to focus groups for EUC, Citrix, Career Skills, Methodology and more.

I personally think that we're far from done with the tribulations of 2020. In fact, I think 2021 may be a year of ‘unexpected' adjustments and I want you to be prepared. If you think that your company is going to approve spending budget on you learning how to better your career in 2021… think again. EVERYONE I've talked to about this so far is saying that employees will largely be on their own for developing the skills needed to STAY EMPLOYED.

WHY am I doing this?

2020 has been a hard year for a lot of people. In some ways even with me – but the reality is that I was prepared for it. I kept moving forward with my plans. I've published TWO books, completely on my own. I've stood up additional programs. Started a YouTube channel. Oh, and I've lost over 20 lbs.

“Easy for you to say” is something I've heard and had to laugh. This wasn't easy at all – but I felt a CALLING to provide you with the tools you need to be successful. I'm taking more than 20 years of expertise and giving you what you really need.

What I'm looking for is a few people that are done being victims and ready to step up and learn how to be successful in not only their IT Careers, but in LIFE! But let's be blunt – the other thing I've done is taken the risk in the belief that I will be able to find people willing to invest in themselves directly. My big risk this year has been starting a company devoted to this, and quitting my other work to do it.

This is my life now. I'm committed. No sponsors. No Slush Fund.

What this means is that I'm now DIRECTLY motivated to providing the highest quality information and training I can – I've got two new mouths to feed (okay, they're kittens, but still…)

But if I can get you to take action by offering you lowered prices for a month – so be it. I figure after you get a taste of what is possible – you'll want me to develop even more. And I'll be willing to do it! 

Think of this as me meeting you part of the way, investing in your success.


Time to Take Action!


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D.J.'s Big Birthday Bash Ends Soon!








Need Help? Something Not Working?

Pre-Order DJ’s New Book!

Pre-Order DJ’s New Book!

My new book is out now on Amazon Kindle, and will be released worldwide on Paperback on August 16th.

Three years in the making, this book describes a framework (methodology) that I've been developing over 20 years in IT. I not only teach that framework but how to use it in everyday life in IT and in projects. You'll learn how I approach the “Soft Skills” needed to be successful in IT. In fact – I don't teach anything technical in this book – but I describe in detail how to successfully and consistently document, how to present, how to discover challenges, and how to maintain and grow in your career. You can learn more at the book's blog, https://it.justdothis.net

BUT WAIT, there's more!

If you live in the U.S. – I would love to sign and ship you a special Hardcover edition when it's ready. While I don't think I'll make the worldwide release date for the paperback on this, I do want to give you an opportunity to…

Pre-order the book for $10 off its normal price of $48.99.

The good news is that you'll be able to register for the PDF edition right away, so you can start reading right after you order while you wait for a hard copy.

Why pre-order? Because quite frankly it gives me an idea of how many to have printed in the first run since I'll be storing and shipping these myself.

Note- if you live outside of the US, shipping signed copies to you is not yet practical (sorry) but we are working on a way to distribute hardcover copies thru Amazon worldwide in September 2020!

So if you live in the US and are ready to order – I have three options for you today!

Option 1 - Just Just Do THIS

Pre-Order the book now – we'll send it to you as soon as we have it! Estimated shipping time is around September 1st, 2020 – subject to change and delays from printing/shipping.

Option 1 $38.99

Option 2 - Just Do THIS AND Be A Citrix Hero AND 48 Days to the Work You Love

This is your best option! I'll send you Be A Citrix Hero AND Dan Miller's 48 Days to the Work You Love now, and when you register for the Just Do THIS bonuses you'll get the PDF Version.
When the new book is ready, I'll send that out to you separately!

This is a $95 value – yours for $55.99!

Option 3- $55.99.

Option 3 - Just Do THIS and Be A Citrix Hero

I'll send you Be A Citrix Hero now, register you for the PDF download of “Just Do THIS” now, and send you the hardcover when it's printed!

This combo saves you over $15!

Option 3 - $49.99

Citrix Coach In a Car: Mental Health – Part 1

Citrix Coach In a Car: Mental Health – Part 1

This week we're tackling something not talked often enough in Tech – Mental Health. The more travel, consulting and coaching I do the more I realize how underserved this topic really is.

So I decided to split this into 2 longer episodes in the hope you will be positively impacted by them! I'm being more vulnerable than I normally am here, even telling you about my experiences in getting qualified counseling help and how that changed my life. If you are in a bad spot – seek the guidance of a trained professional.

That said If you are interested in hiring me as your Career and Life Success Coach (Citrix or otherwise) please visit http://CitrixCoach.com to learn more!

Be sure and watch the video – or follow along with the new flipbook feature!

Then, download the PDF and enjoy!

Video Highlights


03:28: When it comes to mental health, that's a big part of what is missed, especially in the technology world.

03:58: The only way that people are going to change is if they are offended out of their current mode.

04:05: If I say something to you that is offending you, then I would encourage you to not look towards me but look towards yourself and say, okay, what, what about that offended me?

04:25: [being offended] Was that really against me personally or is it something, where there's a mirror, pointed back at you and you don't like it, that sort of thing.

05:09: [deep-seated issues] What I'm talking about is either unresolved things from your past or current circumstances that have grown to the point where they've not been dealt with for so long that they are out of control basically.

05:28: In the IT world what I find is that the people that are attracted to that line of work tend to be those that are not necessarily good at communicating their feelings right.

08:56: [coping mechanisms] There are some that are just, I gotta be honest, more destructive than others. Going on occasionally getting, you know, a little drunk is one thing, but, being drunk all the time or escaping any kind of, what you might call drama, by going off and drinking is really not healthy.

09:23: If you're self-medicating, then you really need to look into why you're doing that and be honest with yourself and say, am I doing this because I feel so overwhelmed that I can't feel like I can function any other way?

09:49: In most cases, the hardest thing to do is to get help because you have to face the very thing that puts you into that situation in the first place.

10:39: Deep down we all recognize the trajectory that we're on. If we are in a space where we are self-medicating and using substances to get by, we know where that road goes, we know where that's heading. You really need to get off of it.

13:28The other thing, a lot of people don't necessarily turn to substances or things like that, but they basically turn to this: At one point in my life I kind of called it like the Batman syndrome kind of thing where everybody's against you, you're their hero, but everybody's against you. d I'm not sure I totally like that analogy, but that is kind of what the mentality gets into. You get to this mode where you are just so used to not being thanked for what you do and not feeling like it's going anywhere, even though you put effort towards it or what you perceive as an effort towards it.

14:25: The other part about that is that you just can't see anything other than the pain of working, but you still are, obsessed is the wrong word; it's similar where you are basically work addicted.

15:16: When you are constantly stretched beyond what you can handle and you feel like that is your new norm; if you don't get to that point, you're not working hard enough. So you get to that point of being stretched and then you find you need to go further because you've set up all these things, a lot of times unconsciously, that make everyone dependent on you.

16:34: When you specifically push somebody out of your way and do the work for them just because you're irritated by them not knowing what you know, you don't feel better, you feel worse.

18:45: There's a lot of things about depression that are misunderstood. First off, almost everyone deals with depression at some point, at some level in their lives.

19:25: Depression is more or less a sense of a lack of energy, basically is the best way to describe it, where you just don't feel you can achieve anything. You can't even get out of bed, that can be a challenge.

19:57: Depression, as far as clinical depression goes, there has to be either a pattern or a length of time where that has not lifted.

20:38: I want to give you some pointers. First of all, like I just said, get help.

22:40: What I figured out that it was, with the help of this counselor, was that it wasn't necessarily my circumstances that were the problem. It was something, a kind of perspective and willingness that let that circumstance control my life.

24:13: A psychologist is somebody who is largely study-based and a psychiatrist is somebody who can actually perform therapy.

25:13: [stinkin thinkin] I have trained myself to know when that's happening, to stop and take control of that and say, is this real?

26:41: When it comes to mental health, interestingly enough, the power of the mind over the body actually has an effect physically on the body.

28:28: [idea mania] That's something that in IT, we face every now and then, where we hear something and we get excited about it and we want to do it. We get it about maybe halfway done and then the energy runs out and we just don't really finish it. We get distracted and go on something else. That's more normal than a lot of people realize.

29:58: If you want to be successful, you need to set yourself up with triggers and activation triggers, as one of my influencers, Michael Hyatt, will call them. It's where you have an event in your day or your week or whatever, that activates another task or activates something that you can stay consistent with. That's a way to get past that kind of up and down cycle where you're basing what you're working on your energy and you make what you're working on based on your habits.

32:16: If you have kids, make that a priority. We've had too many years of people being more obsessed with success than with their family.



Want some reading material that can help you better enable remote work? Well- we've got just the thing!

Grab a copy of “Be A Citrix Hero” today!

Lockdown Updates from CTXPro.com May 2020

Lockdown Updates from CTXPro.com May 2020

Some people have been treating this Lockdown from Coronavirus like a time to slow down. Not us! My small little team and I have been doing all sorts of things – and we aren't even close to slowing down! Here's some updates of what is going on with us, with Citrix and our Citrix Hero community!

The Citrix Hero Community continues to grow, especially after I published “Be A Citrix Hero“. We are now just under 400 members strong. The community is currently free to join. Powered by Mighty Networks, this fits three primary criteria you have asked for:

  1. A Mobile App – Download Mighty Networks and find “Citrix Heroes” to join. You can opt to get updates right to the app instead of via email – something I like a great deal. I belong to five Mighty Networks right now and being able to have mobile notifications saves a lot of headache!
  2. Not On Facebook – No Gaslighting, fighting or distractions – our community is JUST our community – yet operates as a social network! This includes the ability to chat! Many of you have taken advantage of chatting with each other and myself. It works great!
  3. Real Life Talk, Not Just Tech Support – Of course, this is a hard one for many tech folks to break free from but this is a forum that allows for a more private and exclusive community where we can be real with each other.

So I wanted to share some recent wins from our community, brag a little bit and invite you to join us!

By the way – I'm hosting a few Ask Me Anything sessions this month. The only way you will get access is if you're part of the community.

  • Mike shared how as the sole IT person for 7 health centers, he was able to upgrade a XenApp 6.5 farm to a more modern CVAD environment.
  • Ken started a discussion about PVS Boot Device Manager among some others.
  • I asked people to share some WINS last week and got some very cool notes
    • Keegan made some Citrix Hypervisor updates to better support nVidia GRID
    • Ahmed fixed a user workaround and showed a user how to print to a local printer from her Citrix Desktop (little things matter!)
    • Shack rocked some App Layering that reduced 50 images down to 2!
    • Mike rolled out FSLogix and WEM to reduce logon times from over a minute to under 20 seconds! He's loving PVS, by the way!
    • Benjamin put in some smooth operating remote access for employees that scaled from 20 to 700 users!
    • Venkatesh rolled out RemotePC to eliminate RDP hassles.
    • Ken finished a 6.5 to 7 1912 migration
    • Kitaab used Machine Creation Services on 7.15 to go from 100 WFH users to 1200!

Needless to say- I'm really proud of my community and hope you'll join us soon!

Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops 7 1912 LTSR
Cumulative Update 1

Citrix just released Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 1912 LTSR Cumulative Update 1.

There are a few key things here – one being that StoreFront is no longer part of the “Core Components” install page which hopefully will stop people from installing it on the same server as the Delivery components. It may work for a POC but it really isn't great for production. Trust me.

A few things to remember before you update any components:

  • To maintain LTSR support, all components must be at the SAME REVISION LEVEL for each Cumulative Update. That means, for example – if you have controllers at 1912.0.1000 you need to have Browser Content Redirection 15.19.1000.
  • Your FIRST step should always be checking the SA date of your licenses. They must all expire later than April 15, 2020. If the CSS/SA date is before that, download new licenses before your upgrade or you may not be able to start machines.
  • Note that if you use the same licensing server for multiple legacy components, does NOT support XenApp 6.5 concurrent unless you update to build 29000

Learning Opportunities During Lockdown

I pointed out in a presentation recently that a high number of us that were commuting previously now have extra time on their hands! What better way to use that time than to learn new skillsets, expand on what you know, or work on building your next career move?

So during the month of May I am launching THREE new areas to help you do just that!

New Webinar Series

For all of May (and we'll see about next month) DJ will be giving a webinar (expanded from one given at two CUGC events) with updated tips and leading practices for supporting people working from home while using the same hardware you already have – a challenge a lot of you are facing right now!

Stick around to the end of the webinar where you'll learn DJ's personal tips on how to not just survive working from home but how to thrive during this challenging time.

To find a time that works for you (or, register and attend a replay if you like but there is an added bonus for attending live!) head to https://ctxpro.com/webinar

Note – this same link will work for the next webinar series so we encourage you to share it!

Here's the times for May:

11th at 6 PM CST

12th at 10 AM CST

19th at 11 AM CST

26th at 5:30 PM CST


As you may know, I'm expanding my focus to a wider audience than just Citrix – my goal is to equip and inspire the next generation of Architects, Consultants, and other leaders in Information Technology. We aren't going to get there by being in ‘survival mode' – so I'm calling on people to THRIVE during this time and beyond.

It begins with our new YouTube Live series. Jeff Pitsch and I (DJ Eshelman) will go live each week and talk thru LIFE in IT. Tech tips? No. But discussions on how our guests careers' evolved and how they created the careers they wanted? Count on it.

(also- after I finish a few more “Citrix Coach In a Car Getting Coffee” videos I will be transitioning that series here to Thrive-IT!)

Make sure to subscribe!

Get Reminded of Our Next Live Broadcast

First off – subscribe and click the bell for getting updates on our YouTube channel. Doing so helps YouTube put the videos in front of more people!

But we are also introducing a rotating link system where each week we'll update the live broadcast link with a reminder service. It will give you the option to put the next THRIVEcast on your calendar! 


Finally, a special invitation to those part of the Citrix Hero community. DJ will be hosting weekly “Ask Me Anything” sessions for as long as possible during lockdown! All you have to do is join the Citrix Hero community and check the Events tab to get a reminder of the next session.

What Numbers Are You Tracking During COVID-19 Lockdown?

What Numbers Are You Tracking During COVID-19 Lockdown?

Numbers. Numbers. Numbers. Math. Math. Math.

Working from home, we look at numbers a lot. In the case of the COVID-19 lockdowns, we are probably looking more than we should. They get depressing in a hurry.
So here are some numbers that show a positve side of things – those coming from my friends (that's you!) in the Citrix Professionals community.

(this article was updated on May 8th, 2020)

The Citrix Heroes [email protected] Team

If you haven't heard yet – [email protected] is having a huge quarter. It's because they are doing research to determine effective treatments for COVID-19 that researchers are hoping will lead to a vaccine or at least drugs to help heal more rapidly (if you've ever heard of Herd Immunity you know how important this is in the long run to have more people getting it and recovering safely).
[email protected] installs on your computer and uses spare cycles of your CPU and GPU (the latter being a powerhouse) to contribute blocks of compute for the research. I have managed to give my Threadripper 2950 and AMD Radeon VII quite the workout this week, along with my old i7 3770k with a GTX TITAN. But I'm still completely outclassed in our little group.

Here's the breakdown (last updated 5/8/2020):

  • Our team # is 243,216
  • We're ranked 5620 of 250,736 (up from 12,929) – so we are now in the top 97% of all teams!
  • Homewerk is leading us all in credits, putting some nVidia GRID cards to use!
  • CTXPro_com (DJ's systems) climbed ahead with the addition of a RADEON VII card and a new tip: if you register for an account passcode, you get waaay more credits! But, the Vega II is an amazing card – when WU's are available, it's capable of 1.2 Million Points Per Day!

I'm really proud of you for stepping up and I'd love to see more of you join in! This research has never happened this fast – but it's a great use of background cycles you aren't using. Just don't install this into the datacenter or your work computers without asking permission, please.


Our Rank - Top Percentile

Who's Buying The Citrix Hero Book?

I have been watching these numbers fluctuate between countries. However, as of May 8th, 2020 here's how the top 3 break down:

Top Countries buying “Be A Citrix Hero” on Amazon


United States (down from 65%)


United Kingdom (up from 19%)



In addition to this is how many of you are taking advantage of the Kindle Owners Lending Library or Kindle Unlimited to read the book (that is an option if you want to read it quickly and don't want to actually own a copy!)
4448 Pages have been read so far in the lending library. (up from 2390 last month)


in the U.S.A.
(up from 1166)


in the U.K.
(up from 592)


in Germany
(a new entry)


in India
(taking Canada's spot at #4)

Borrow the Book or Buy the Book

If you borrowed the book – show me what you've got! The more you read, the more Amazon helps get the word out about the book! If you got a copy with this method – I'd love to see 5000 pages by the end of the month! Get to reading!
Now you may be saying to yourself, “DJ, why would you be excited about people reading it for free?” – and honestly, I'm really excited that there are ways for you to get your hands on this material and boost your knowledge (and career). But if you sign up for Kindle Unlimited or Prime when you use the link at https://ctxpro.com/book – the site gets a bonus outside of book royalties (which average about 40%) when you do sign up. So it's a nice way to support the site without you having to spend any extra!

The Citrix Hero Fund

In the next week or so, look for a video message from me about this.
In January I had this idea – I talked about it with a few of my friends you probably know (Dane, Steve, Carl, etc). The concept is that we would as a community help get people unable to get into programs or to conferences that help you grow professionally- people that don't have corporate backing to do these things, for example.
Then – just before COVID-19 started dominating the news, a massive Tornado ripped thru an already somewhat impoverished part of Nashville – literally blocks from the capital.
My heart was broken – talk about a hard year!
So I decided to set up a small fund that I'm donating 30% of all of my royalties and earnings surrounding the Citrix Hero project.
We don't have exact numbers yet – but I can tell you that our first check should be arriving soon that we'll be donating to relief efforts here in Nashville. The intention is to do this until August.

After that – the fund will shift to a scholarship fund, hopefully by that point joined by some other projects I'm excited to tell you about.

If you're interested in donating to the fund, I will be getting you details soon but I'm really excited to get this going and I'll try to update you every month!

My goal – to raise $5000 for these efforts! Are you with me?


Of $5000 Raised

YouTube Subscribers

Three years ago, many of you suggested a YouTube channel. So we did – with a twist. We talk more about being a PERSON in IT, not an IT person.

But we need your help. YouTube doesn't take us seriously until we have 1000 subscribers. Help us get there!



1000 Subscribers

Want even more numbers?

Stay tuned. I've got some results from a survey we have been conducting over the past 2 years that I think you'll enjoy reading. I've been so focused on writing that I haven't been able to finish the article but I hope to soon!
Which reminds me to remind you: We still want your opinion on where your career in End User Computing is heading! We are investigating the option of a Virtual Summit sometime this summer but we need confirmation that people are interested first!

You can take the survey herehttps://bit.ly/2JAKM1z