“DJ, how long are you going to let your hair get?”

Well – the honest truth is there has never been a plan for how long to wear the epic hair. His wife won't step up. He won't step up. So… now it is your turn to step up! Help D.J. Eshelman, author of Be a Citrix Hero, decide how much hair to cut off! But first a little bit about why.

DJ's Big Hair ‘Giveaway' on April 8th, 2022

Many of you may know that cancer treatments cause hair loss. But did you know there are charities that take donations of hair to make wigs for kids in this situation? The longer the better in most cases!

Why April 8th?

April 10th, 2022 marks the TWO YEAR anniversary of the paperback of Be A Citrix Hero being released on Amazon. The guidance in the book is STILL RELEVANT today and people are still buying and appreciating it. That's a reason to celebrate!

mockup of Be a Citrix Hero - available on Amazon!
Be A Citrix Hero – Available on Amazon!

April 8th also happens to be the first day of the EUC Masters Retreat in Scottsdale, AZ. Why April 8th?

Because The Citrix Jedi – Chris Rogers has agreed to cut his hair as well! He wasn't available on the 10th, so we moved it!

How much hair will DJ Cut?

DJ Hair!
DJ will cut his hair even though it looks this good!

This is where it gets fun. YOU will decide. But it will take more than just saying “cut it all off!”
You're going to need to PARTICIPATE.

If we get enough participation to cut it all off – bidding will start for shaving the beard as well!

Here's how it will work

Over the course of the month, we will announce ways to contribute, so check back here and make sure to follow DJ on Twitter!

  • Points! There will be points for each type of participation. Each point will be 1 mm (millimeter) of hair that will be cut on April 8th!
  • Prizes! I mean, do it for the kids… but a few of the participation items will also enter you into a drawing. What will the prize be? Well – that depends on the overall participation! The more people participate, the bigger the prizes! Watch the Prizes announcements below!
  • Boosts! There will be a few key participation items that will earn MORE points and MORE prizes!

Earning Points and Prizes

  • Buy Be A Citrix Hero DIRECT – If you live in the US, you can get a signed copy directly from me! You'll earn one point and one entry, but I'll sign the book with a limited edition anniversary edition number!
  • Enroll in the Citrix Hero Video Program – permanent access to more than 12 hours of knowledge. Note, the price is about to go up on this so get in now! Every enrollment will earn FIVE points and TWO entries… but I will be announcing a special way for existing and new students to earn even more entries!
  • BOOST! Record a Video Testimonial telling your Citrix Hero story! You'll get FIVE points and FIVE entries! Submit your video to Amazon as a review to earn TWO additional points and entries! That is SEVEN for a great video review!
  • NEW! – Share on Social Media for a point and an entry! You can say what you want – as long as it includes:
    • The hashtag #ctxhairhero
    • a link to either ctxpro.com/book or ctxpro.com/dj-hair-22
    • Feel free to also mention me – @TheCitrixCoach
  • MORE TO COME – Check back often!

Ways to Create Points Anonymously

I certainly recognize that not everyone wants their name out there and they may not care about prizes. No problem. Here's some ways to generate points.

  • Be A Citrix Hero on Amazon – EVERY Kindle or Paperback sale globally from March 10th to April 10th will count as one point! That means if you get your entire team to buy a book and you have 6 people on your team… that's 6 points!
  • Come to EUC Masters Retreatat the event, you'll get a super-secret way to enter for a super-secret prize! Every person who attends will earn 1 point! Rumor has it my friend Chris Rogers will also cut some of his hair that day as well!
  • Subscribe to our YouTube Channels. We'll be awarding .5 points for every new subscriber to THRIVE-IT and Citrix Professionals!
  • NEW! Make an order from my wife's new leather crafts store! Get something as a gift or for yourself! https://y-knot-me.com Every order will earn another point!
  • NEW! Try some of the services I use! For every signup – I'll grant between 1 and 5 points. Most of these are either Referral or Affiliate links, so you're helping support our efforts when they pay me. As a quick note, I only ever do this for products I use actively.
    • Dashlane Password Manager. I've been using this service for over five years. I love it because not only can you manage passwords but it helps you manage the safety of your overall identity. What I really love is the ability to share passwords with team members without them having the ability to see anything but what you want to share. I'll hook you up with 6 months with my referral link.
    • Snagit & Camtasia are the primary video tools I've been using for course and other video editing for some time now. Great for creators and for documentation work!
    • Restream.io is the streaming software we use for THRIVEcast and I highly recommend it. You get $10 off with my affiliate link!
    • Butcherbox – Getting clean, grass fed & open range products consistently delivered frozen to you every month. I have been using the service 3 years. What I really love is that they have a history of giving you lifetime deals. For example, sign up with my referral link and you'll not only get $30 off, but you'll get FREE ground beef in EVERY box.
    • Krisp. I hear it all the time. Background noise in conference calls. Krisp uses advanced AI modeling to filter out the noise so only your voice comes thru. I've been using this tool since before it was launched publicly. Absolutely worth it.
    • Get Just Do THIS on Audible. If it's your first time on Audible… it's free! You'll hear my book in my voice!

Generate DJ Hair Cut Points for FREE!

  • Write A Review on Amazon – Every review on Amazon will earn THREE points and two contest entries! Write an honest and detailed review and I'll award you up to FIVE entries! Say good things. Say bad things. You'll be entered either way as long as Amazon accepts your review (hint – you need to be established as an Amazon customer and it helps if you've actually received the book from them but apparently is not required).
  • Donate Platelets! – This is giving blood without losing blood. It is a huge help to cancer treatment and there is a dangerous shortage. Donate and @TheCitrixCoach on Twitter that you've done it (screenshot or pictures help!) to earn THREE points and one contest entry! Donate multiple times and generate multiple contest entries! Yeah, it takes an hour or two but do you know how long it takes to grow 3 MM of hair? You're on the better side of this deal 😉
  • NEW! – Subscribe to our YouTube channels! Each new subscriber = .5 points!
  • NEW! Try some new things to either earn or learn!
    • Presearch is a privacy-focused search engine that rewards you for searching with their own cryptocurrency.
    • (more coming!)
How Much Hair Should DJ Cut Off? You Decide! @TheCitrixCoach is finally getting a haircut to donate those lovely long locks of hair to charity! ctxpro.com/dj-hair-22 Share on X


Level One Prize – One Lucky Winner will get a hardcover personalized copy of Just Do THIS worth $48. Already have the book? We'll get you something special if you win, don't you worry!

Level Two Prize – Education Package valued at more than $600! Unlocked at 250 points (equal to the first 10 inches we need for most donations… but don't stop there – keep going!)

Level Three Prize – Can't tell you yet but it may involve blinking lights… Unlocked at 400 points

Level Four Prize – All I am going to say for the moment is that it is worth over $3000… Unlocked at 600 points


AS OF April 5th:


We have to reach 250 at least! Please help me spread the word!

Got a question or need to email me something to register? No problem. Hit play and the email address will be revealed!

Wish me luck!

DJ with very long hair.... but for how much longer.