Once again, on February 29th – Teams HDX Redirection suddenly stopped working. I say again because this happened four years ago, Feb 29 2020 – but apparently we had other things on our mind back then and it was never patched.

Here's the rub:

Teams for audio and video calls suddenly takes up a HUGE amount of CPU where it didn't previously. You'll search the troubleshooting guide and find that there are services to check. You'll find:

  • WebSocketService.exe will crash with even ID 1000
  • The Citrix HDX HTML5 Video Redirection service will not start.

But there's nothing wrong with your AV, and nothing wrong with Teams, etc.

This is a bug that has everything to do, oddly enough, with the leap year problem.

Citrix HDX service fails on 29th February (CTX617043)

Now – I have to be a little critical here, as this happened before. Citrix claims to be patching this, but… 4 years later?

So just in case – for the record, the documented workaround is NOT A SOLUTION:

Courtesy… Citrix CTX617043

DO NOT do this. I cannot believe Citrix even had this published and I hope it is taken down. Changing the date in a production end user environment is NOT something you should ever be doing, as far too many programs depend on it… but further, the vast majority of SSL checks will also fail, causing a blinding array of support tickets far beyond just the few you'd get because Teams was slow.

So, speaking to Feb 29 2028… just in case…. you aren't crazy. This is just a thing. Just suck it up until tomorrow.