Microsoft Teams has been a bit of a nightmare for a long time. This is because Microsoft wasn't following Microsoft's own rules and was installing the app per-user… in AppData! This is a profile management nightmare and always has been. The story is pretty much the same with OneDrive – a recent project of mine with Windows 10 1903 proved to be a challenge with added 30 second logons that couldn't be countered. But that all changed with the option of Per-Machine Installs.

Fortunately, our friend and Citrix Technology Advocate Manuel Winkel has a step-by-step guide to publishing Teams and OneDrive Per-Machine! Check it out at

You'll learn how to perform the per-machine install using native & AppLayering methods. Manuel includes scripts and some guidance for managing profiles as well.

Personally, and I'll be honest I never thought I'd say this… but I'm excited to see a practical means for replacing mapped drives and I think OneDrive in a Per-Machine install is exactly what will get us there.