Do you feel trapped in your cubicle? Do you feel like nothing is going to change? Do you feel like you're stuck, depressed and hopeless? You're not alone.

In this episode, we discuss how tech workers just like you can learn to rise above and thrive!

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Video Highlights

Here are a few quotes we tramscrobed from DJ during the video. Each link will take you to that point in the YouTube video if you need a point of reference.

 01:48: People talk about “work life balance” and I used to like that phrase. I'm starting to find that I'm not so sure that when I talk about work life balance that meshes with other people's definition of it. Sometimes I think people are thinking in terms of work life balance being related to time. I don't think that's healthy. I think if you are obsessed with the time you spend in one place or another, that can be pretty seriously unhealthy is as far as your time spent, that sort of thing.

04:32: The honest truth is, if you are in a position where your tasks, whatever that are important to do for the day, are taking you more than six hours a day, you have a problem! I think the challenge is, that is not reality. That you are actually in a place where the reality, is that you're thinking, you're the only one that can do it or you're thinking you're the only one that's being dependent on, that becomes your reality even if it wasn't previously true.

06:27My challenge to you is to only work for six hours of the day and observe the results. Did things fall apart? Was the world coming crashing down around you? My guess is that what will happen is that you will find that people get by or you'll find that you're doing a lot of tasks that are not necessary beyond what needs to be done to really do it. In other words, your priorities might be a little bit off if you can do a six hour work day and things are falling apart.

08:18If you can't condense your work into a six hour portion of your day, your career is going nowhere. That means that you are not focused on growing. You are focused on just doing. More importantly, you're not focused on why, you're focused on what.

10:40The point is, sometimes we fill our workday up with things that are not really important or just not very effective with what we're doing. That can actually lead to a mental health problem. And that is mostly in regards to fatigue, but there's a sense of hopelessness that you find with that. And that is another cause of depression.

11:50The reality is you feel, I hear this all the time, I have to go to work. I have to do this. I have to do it. The reality is you don't have to. The reality is you are making a choice every time you go to work and you have to recognize that, otherwise, you are giving that power to someone else and holding yourself basically hostage to somebody who's not trying to hold you hostage.

12:15In terms of mental health, you have to realize that you are making a choice and own that choice.

13:36You will not rise to the occasion. You will only rise to your level of preparedness.

14:27: The thing is, you have to find a way to limit your time and boost your productivity by limiting distractions.

15:06: Know why you are working. That is super important. If you don't have a good motivating factor that is driven by something that is real, then you will have nothing but problems in life.

15:49If it's not making you happy anymore, if it's not fulfilling a greater purpose in your life, then move on.

20:04: When your first impulse in the morning is to check your email, something's wrong.

20:43: If you can, you really need to make it so that you leave at a certain time, and that's not negotiable, where you're done for the day and that's your thing.

22:18: Multitasking is not entirely healthy.

23:18: If you can, find a hobby that you enjoy getting better at, that actually helps your mental state quite a bit.

23:45: Schedule times where you're not scheduling time. In other words, you want to actually have blocks off on your schedule to do things that are unstructured.

25:00: What gets scheduled, gets done. If you don't schedule time for yourself, it won't get done.

27:16: If something's not building you up, consider dumping it.

29:39If you can invest in one thing this year, invest in yourself. Invest in your own skill sets.

33:44: Maintaining mental health takes discipline. It is not something where you can just simply snap your fingers and, you know, all of your problems go away.

34:08: Work equals meaningful effort.

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