Today we are coming to you from BNA talking why a coach can be the difference from where you are now to making more than $60,000 more per year (depending on your situation, that was my results). Depending on the work and investment you are willing to make, I (obviously) highly recommend investing in a coaching relationship! A coach points out things you can’t see because you are too close to the situation. Or maybe you are stuck and just need motivation. Or maybe it is time to challenge your limiting beliefs and finally do great work that keeps you home more… And frees up the income to give more. If that isn’t you, no worries. If it is… Let’s talk! Message me or go to

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 01:12: The first thing is, a coach is there to help you along the way, to point out things that you’re not seeing because you’re too close to the situation. Sometimes a coach can be someone who will give you direction, but not necessarily someone who’s there to teach you. You learn the skills and you are responsible for upgrading your own skills, that sort of thing. But the coach is there to point out things that you’re maybe missing,  point out some ways to improve.

02:14: The reality is that a lot of coaching you’ll find out there in the world is much more based around just the simple concept of what can I do to improve. Unfortunately, a lot of people will never get coaching and that’s a shame because in my life, coaching has actually been the difference of just doing a job and getting by.

03:23: [sports coaches] It’s more about individual growth. Any individual player can’t really truly grow without having a coach, instructing them and giving them corrections and making it so that they are understanding the things they’re doing wrong so they can make adjustments and be better. 

03:47: If you are someone who is of the mindset that you could be better than you are right now, what you need in your life is not more books or more rara speeches or more whatever. What you really need is a coach.

04:46If you are someone who is committed to improving where you are, then coaching is a good fit.

07:06: If you are somebody who is ready to take your career to the next level, then you might want to seek out a coach.

07:30Just work with someone, get that visibility into what you could improve and don’t just count on yourself. In the IT world especially, that could be the difference between a promotion or not, a new career or not, being a successful comp consultant or not.

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