A career option I have embraced is Consulting! In this episode I talk about three primary options:

1) Working for an agency (like Citrix Consulting, for example)
2) Working for a Partner/Reseller or Services Provider
3) Working independently

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Video Highlights

 04:04: The first and most common [consultant] that people see in the Citrix world I think is actually dealing with Citrix consulting services, or CCS or just services.

04:32: [consulting organizations] have a worldwide presence in the Citrix market, I would say CCS is probably one of the biggest, most focused on.

06:10: The second way you can be part of a consulting organization like that is essentially either as a person that is working for another company that’s being subbed out to a consultant organization or somebody like me that’s actually doing a kind of a blend. I’ll either be a badged employee or as a actual independent consultant.

07:11: [being a consultant] you’re still an independent consultant as far as that goes, which basically means you’re trading that stability for the ability to say no, so you can more actively decide not to work.

08:47: [independent consultant] if you have somebody that’s serving in that capacity, a lot of the time they’re very much aware of needing to go do a good job so you get a good referral. That actually can help them be able to charge more or have more work because they’re known as being reliable. A lot of people think that being an independent consultant or hiring one is a bad thing, but the reality is, they’re probably gonna do a better job for you in a lot of cases because they are so motivated to do something.

09:19: There’s a third kind of category of consulting which is when you have somebody that’s working with a reseller.

09:33: [reseller consultant] They may not always have as wide an array in experience, but a lot of times they’ll be more in tuned to what your needs are because they’re in a long term relationship with you.

10:04Somebody that is a working with a reseller can not only do it on a scope of work but can also be a longer pace as well. They’re able to work with you over a longer period of time so you’re not having to condense it and get everything done right so rapidly.

10:54: [reseller consultants] they’re very motivated a lot of times by the relationship and of having that ongoing thing with you. They’re also a really good multi-tasker as most of the time because they are doing just that.

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