For my 5th year of being a leader in the Citrix User Group Community (CUGC), I was proud to host the 500th CUGC local group meeting in Nashville, TN. Read more about the event at:…

Patrick Coble (@VDIHacker) and myself (DJ Eshelman) run the group and we were joined by Steve Greenberg and Carl Webster along with Nutanix, ControlUp and Liquidware to celebrate. So- I thought I'd take the occasion to talk about why you should be part of a community – especially a ‘geek community'!

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 08:33: There's no environment that's the same. That's why I call these things leading practices, not best practices, because there's so much variance in the way people do things and the way organizations are run. There are different perspectives as far as business goals, objectives, how users are done, and then just businesses themselves are different.

09:03: If you don't have a community backing you up, then you're largely on your own and it's hard to get new ideas. It's hard to flourish in that regards if you don't have a community around you. If your only sense of community are blogs you find or Google searches or whatever, you probably aren't going to be all that fired up about making any kind of significant impact on the world.

11:08: The best designs in the world still have things that are wrong with them.

11:44There are things that happen and causes stress, and when you have that level of stress, it's really a good idea to have a community around you that can gather around and not only give suggestions, but just to vent.

12:17: You really should be part of a community that is building you up and is doing everything that they can to support you as, this is important, as you support themWe're only better together if we are together.

15:43: [joining a local group]I do recommend, like I do with many things, to use your personal email address for this, not your work email address. Work email tends to get filtered more aggressively than your personal and you want to make sure you get these announcements. You'll also want to go and adjust your email settings as far as that goes to what level you want, like forum posts and things like that.

18:07: Don't be that person who is just in your own world. You know, it's okay to get out there and experience all of us other geeks out there. So get out there, get better together.

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