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by | Mar 28, 2020

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The way this works is simple. Each long link in the book has a reference here so that you don't have to type in the whole thing manually to visit the site. Bookmark this page! Then when you see a link in the book, come back here to find the reference number!

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Link #ChapterLinkNotes
1introhttps://community.citrixhero.comOur Community Site!
21 VDI Optimizations
31 Server 2016 Benchmark
41 Optimizer
51 Health Checks
61 Stalhood – PVS tweaks
81 OST
91 Introspection with XenServer
101 Tech Zone: AntiVirus Recommendations
111 File
121 Handbook
131 Windows 10 Optimization Guide
141 Feller's 2016 Optimizations
151 8 thru Server 2012 R2 Optimizations
162 LDAP authentication
172's Warnings on CVE 2019-19781
182 Steps for CVE-2019-19781
192 Best Practices for NetScaler getting an A+ Rating
202 NetScaler Security practices lesson
212 Citrix Article on A+ rating
222 and SSL Regeneration and Enable HSTS
232 there's a T Rating
242 Leading Practices
252 and down NetScaler Interfaces
262 Man in the Middle attacks
272 and XML traffic
283 Rule of 5 and 10
293 Management Matters
303 proved in 2013 that BIOS settings matter!
313 UCS article about optimizing for virtualization
324, and Allen's original article,
Martin Zugec on sizing RAM
334 you store PVS vDisk stores on SMB Shares?
345 on Group Policy and logon impact
355 and Rankin on Async GPP and Microsoft on GPP
366 Lange Demonstrates WEM System Optimization
376My WEM Bookmarks

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