Carl Stalhood is at it again, with new build guides for Citrix ADC (formerly NetScaler). He has been so helpful over the years so I thought I'd boost the signal to his site a bit. He is a big reason I don't currently make my own guides. Why would I need to? His are great!
We will keep this post up to date as best we can – Carl moves faster than we do, though!

Citrix ADC (NetScaler) 13

Carl Stalhood's main page for ADC 13 is here.

Everything from the fundamentals to details about what most of you are concerned with – Citrix Gateway. Here's some highlights and links you'll want to bookmark (or just bookmark this page).

Remember that good design includes variances and thinking ahead. That said, for about 80% of you – you can just Proof Of Concept using this guide and determine what changes you'll need to make.
Note- I NEVER recommend deploying changes to an ADC (NetScaler) without testing. Do not just simply deploy without thought thinking because you read it online it will just work in your situation.

Step By Step ADC 13 Deployment

Because most of you are deploying Citrix ADX in a virtual machine (VPX), Carl's guide centers around that. However, the configuration of the appliance is more or less the same with the physical MPX hardware.

Carl Stalhood's ADC 13 Deployment Guide is here.

In this guide you'll be taken thru downloading and deploying the virtual template (the guide centers on VMware but links for Nutanix AHV and other scenarios are often updated here). You'll be taken thru the GUI wizards for Licensing, Upgrading and High Availability.

Then you'll learn how to set up Networking (IP, vLANs, DNS, NTP, etc). You'll learn how the ADC can be backed up and restored too.

Citrix ADC Certificates – a common question

I actually get asked a lot and end up bookmarking these pages. Carl guides us thru getting certificates installed and updated on a the ADC (NetScaler). Bookmark this page. You'll probably need it in a year when the cert needs to be updated for your vServers (including Citrix Gateway)

Carl Stalhood's ADC Certificates Guide is here.

Citrix ADC SDX 13 Guide

Citrix ADC SDX is the hardware virtualization platform from Citrix that allows multiple virtual instances of ADC (called VPX) to be accelerated the same way physical MPX appliances are.

Carl Stalhood's Step-by-Step Citrix ADC SDX Deployment Guide is here.

You'll learn how to set up the appliance, upgrade and set up basic networking. Carl even covers deploying SDX Platform Software.

You'll learn licensing, manage the SVM (hypervisor), set up authentication and how to set up VPX Guests.

Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM) 13

Managing your ADC instances has been a longstanding challenge for Citrix and Network Administrators. It has had various iterations over the years including the recent NetScaler MAS. I personally found this guide very helpful and learned a few new things myself! Most of you will be interested in the HDX Insight and Gateway Insight guides.

You can get Carl Stalhood's Citrix ADM guide here.