“DJ, why are you giving away your best Citrix Tips?”

This question was asked of me recently- and I didn't hesitate to give an answer. So I think I'll give it to everyone here as a kind of open letter to the Citrix community…

It all has to do with quantity. I seem to give out the same things almost every week, not only in conversation but in my consulting engagements as well (regardless of if I'm representing Citrix, a Reseller or my own consulting company). So I asked myself two questions:

  1. Why do I always seem to be giving the same advice? Is that such a bad thing? It makes my job easier, right?
  2. Are they really that important if people aren't doing them?

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Why I Am Giving Away My Best Citrix Tips?

As a consultant, I have to worry when my job becomes essentially copy-paste for the ‘big impact advice'. Some may see this as a great opportunity to charge people $15,000- send them with these exact Citrix tips and be on their way. These apparently hidden gems that people don't know about that have HUGE impacts on their systems are worth paying consultants to find, after all. So I recognize that by doing this, I'm not only upsetting other consultants but risking taking money from my own pocket… right?

Wrong. What makes a good consultant is to look beyond the basics, leading practices, and the surface appearance. The job is to dig into the real issues in use cases, design issues and operations to find specifically what can make the customer more successful. These leading practices should be easy to find, not hard to find!

Why I Gave Away My Top Citrix Tips Share on X

And can I be honest with you? My consulting schedule is pretty full these days. I don't need more business. What I want is better business. I'm not alone in this. So if we can get the easy stuff out of the way, the real value to everyone comes in. I'm not worried about losing business, in other words. I want to transform how I'm doing business.

Are These Citrix Tips Really That Important?

A natural question is ‘if people aren't doing it is it really that important for me to do it?” This is actually what confounds me. As I mentioned in my earlier article “Top 3 Citrix Mistakes and how to be a #CitrixHero” and in the eBook itself – the impacts of performing things like optimization are absolutely HUGE but aren't done by default. Why don't more people know them?

A Consulting Conspiracy?

So- is keeping these top leading practices hidden on purpose, just to sell more consulting hours? I don't know- I kind of doubt it, as I said before, we are all pretty busy these days.

A Secret Citrix Tips Cabal?

Maybe the hardware manufacturers don't want you to know how to properly tune things so

So What's Stopping You?

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Still not sure? Perhaps you have these thoughts…

aka – I'm suspicious of free stuff…

Doesn't This Cost You Money?

Yes- this costs me money for hosting the email list and such, as well as time (which in Consulting is money) to create. But as I mention above- first off- I want to get past the easy. How much easier will it be to pause before each consulting engagement and say “Before we begin, I want you to review this eBook and take the steps there before starting our engagement so we are able to more effectively use our time.” Think of how much happier a client will be? Will it mean some will just take this advice and ‘run'? Sure- but that's okay! And you know what- I want YOU to be able to do the same if you are a consultant. Send them this way!

I know people will probably want to get help implementing even these ‘simple' Citrix tips! So I may on occasion be hired to do that, or I may be able to refer them to someone I trust do to it. I trust them because I trained them, in other words. Both are a win for everyone.

Won't You Just Be Asking for Money Later?

Here's the thing. I want to be offering value. I'm not after the ‘easy money'. So my plan is to offer the basics for free. For as long as I'm doing this, my monthly emails will contain the contents I outline above. If I sway from that, I encourage you to unsubscribe from the emails! I deserve it!
Here's my logic on that: If you have the time, you can do the additional research needed to implement. I want you to have that because as I said above- I don't think these should be hidden practices!
If you don't have the time or expertise, you're probably going to want some help.

So as far as if it will mean I'm asking for money later from you specifically or from your company… the answer is more than likely yes. I'll need some additional feedback as to if there's more I can offer and if it will be worth spending more of my time and effort to do. So I'll be asking the people on my list soon if that's a good direction to go down. If I can offer more detail that would be valuable for people I am very open to the opportunity. Whether that is sponsored by others or sponsored directly by the people benefitting from it doesn't matter to me as much as knowing that I'm being helpful does. I have some things in mind already: Downloadable PDFs (aka swipe files), Scripts, and Video Tutorials… but developing these takes time and material, unfortunately.

But the value of these things I guarantee will be more than what you'd pay me for teaching them to you (unless you want me to teach you one on one, in which case go to CitrixCoach.com and let me know you're interested in paying me by the hour. Some people do just that and the results are fantastic!).

By taking out the time it takes for you to learn these important things- I create exponential value in your life! But more importantly it helps you stand out. More of these ‘feathers in your cap' mean the more likely you are to get a promotion or even get new clients as a consultant. What is that worth to you?

I'll be blunt- my time is valuable. Like other consultants, I simply have to charge a lot more for what goes into the time to get into the detail. So I'm first going to discover if it is in fact valuable to people. The best way to do that, I think, is to offer a service and see who likes it. Make tweaks, adjust and offer more. If it is valuable, more people will sign up. Beyond this however- I'll be offering the thing I'm most excited about: My Time. My goal is to give people access to me, so that I'm not just words on a page, but someone who can answer your questions- live and on camera! So I'll be honest- I'm really hoping that ‘the people speak' and tell me that this will be a valuable service!

But the bottom line- yes. I'll need people to subscribe and pay for the service. My family needs to be provided for.

Is This Only You Doing This?

This is another reason why I'm excited about the email list specifically. I will be encouraging others to publish their top Citrix tips as well- and I can send you those! So I get the month off, in other words!

I'll also be encouraging other experts to participate with me in giving these tips to you every month and where possible- jumping on a live webinar with me to answer your questions.

I'm connected with a lot of major influencers- CTAs and CTPs, as well as other industry professionals.

But lately I've started partnering with more people on the back end and also have hired assistants to help me run this company. So no- it's not just me!

Big Things Coming

This is only the beginning, folks. The more of you I meet, the more I realize that I'm only scratching the surface of the needs out there, and I'm anxious to get about the process of helping you out with them! So I encourage you to partner with me today!

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