NetScaler Security for the XenApp Dummy – Part 1: Assess

NetScaler Security for the XenApp Dummy – Part 1: Assess

So you have this “NetScaler” thing to front end your XenApp or XenDesktop environment… But maybe you are like me and NetScaler Security isn’t what you spend most of your day dealing with. So, how can you make sure in light of recent security threats that it is running properly? In a post in 2016 I discussed how to get an A+ Rating at SSL Labs for your NetScaler Gateway in under 5 minutes. I figured it was time for an update for 2017 taking some new things into consideration but approach this from the point of view of someone like me that isn’t “A NetScaler Person.”

Given that my point of reference in 2012 was this wonderful Citrix blog article called “NetScaler for the XenApp Dummy” I thought I would pay homage with my own guide! And for the record, I’m not calling anyone a ‘dummy’. I’m just trying to take the approach of not having any assumptions so everyone can understand. I’ve learned a lot just in writing this article! So don’t be a dummy like I was- take NetScaler Security seriously even if you’re just using it for NetScaler Gateway!

In this series you’ll learn simple ways to increase your NetScaler security (especially for NetScaler Gateway) using our recommended 4-phase Methodology: Assess, Design, Change, Maintain.

Our first step will be to Assess the current state of your NetScalers and figure out what areas of risk you have.