Have you ever wondered what methodology (standard processes) the leading consultants and professionals in the world use, and how you can do the same? I am willing to bet that many of you are like me, you have some instincts towards this but you find that the problem is that if it is all in your head, then you are the only one that work towards it.

What if your entire team could be operating off of the same methodology? What if that methodology was so compatible with others in the industry almost anyone could pick it up where you left off? What if it was so simple to categorize each step that even your management would quickly understand where you are in a process?

These are the questions I am setting out to answer in my first non-fiction book, which I started a few days ago as part of National Novel Writing Month.[NaNoWriMo for short, every November, thousands of non-professional writers are challenged to write a novel in a single month. The work must be 50,000 words but can be on any topic desired.] I was going to work on another for-fun-only Star Wars project… but given as I haven't even shared the first result with the world, I figured maybe it was time to share something my readers could use. So, I thought about what I talk about most often that others are not always talking about. The answer I came up with, and I'm hoping is worthwhile, is a standardized Professional Services Methodology.

Because it's no secret and you have probably seen other writings from me on the topic- I'll clue you in. The way I formulate my methodology is Assess, Design, Change and Maintain. You may have seen other ways to view this but this is what I find the simplest way to describe each step in the process.

So in the coming weeks and months- I'll be asking for your feedback on what elements of methodology you currently utilize. I want to know how you see things so I can best equip you for success! In the midst of this process, we are going to go thru a live example using a current relevant topic – NetScaler Security. You won't want to miss this! Stay tuned by subscribing to this blog or the newsletter!

Do You Use a Standardized Methodology Every Day?